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AIM-13X Molecular sieve

The sodium-X crystal type with a much greater pore opening comparing to the A-type crystals.  Adsorbing molecules with less than 10 Angstrom (1.0 nm) and it takes the highest theoretical capacity with very proper transfer rates. It can be employed to remove impurities which are too large to fit into A-type crystal and is commonly used for nitrogen-oxygen separation.





Light Grey

Nominal pore diameter

10 angstroms(1.0 nm)




Diameter (mm) 1.7-2.5 (8*12 mesh) 3.0-5.0 (4*8 mesh) 1.6 (1/16 inch) 3.2 (1/8 inch)
Size ratio up to grade (%)


≥98 ≥96


Bulk density (g/ml)


≥0.68 ≥0.65


Wear ratio (%)


≤0.20 ≤0.40


Crushing strength (N)


≥85/piece ≥25/piece


Static H2O adsorption (%)


≥25 ≥25


Static CO2 adsorption (%)


≥17 ≥17


Water content (%)


≤1.5 ≤1.5


Typical Chemical Formula Na2O. Al2O3. (2.8±0.2) SiO2. (6~7)H2O
SiO2: Al2O3 ≈2.6-3.0
Typical Application a) CO2 and H2O removal from the air  and/or other gases.
b) Separation of enriched oxygen from the air.
c) n-chained compositions removal from the aromatic components.  d) R-SH and H2S elimination from the hydrocarbon streams ( such as LPG and butane)
e) Catalysts protection, oxygenate removal from hydrocarbons (olefin streams).
f) Production of bulk oxygen in PSA units.