About Us

About Us

AIMPG is an Australian based and operated company with many years experience and industrial history. Supplier of high and extremely high-temperature solutions,  ceramic balls, molecular sieve materials, activated alumina, ceramic & plastic and metal random packing, structured packing, honeycomb monolith for the industry.
We are also the Australian agent for the Zircar brand of ZYF, yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) felt, textiles, bulk fibre and vacuum formed custom machined shapes and other same format products in ceria, alumina, yttria, and custom chemistries.
Zircar has a long history in the design, and manufacture of complete heating systems, tailored to meet customer’s specific requirements. re-engineering and retrofitting of existing furnaces and heating systems are a speciality.

Ceramic Textiles

Cloths, Felts, & Fibers – Pre-fired, Organic-free, non-RCF felts and woven cloths in standard and custom chemistries.


Molecular Sieve Materials 

Molecular Sieve Materials, Activated Alumina,  Honeycomb Monolith.

Rigid Materials

Vacuum form machinable boards and cylinders for applications up to 2200 Celsius in alumina and zirconia chemistries.


Random & Strucured Packings

Ceramic Balls, Ceramic&Plastic and Metal Random  Packing, Structured Packing, Honeycomb Monolith.

Ultra High Temperature Materials

Bonding, repairing, coating or strengthening ceramic fiber boards and textiles. Powders are used in thermal spray applications and filtration and applications up to 2200 Celsius.

Lab Furnaces

Manufacturing the highest quality ceramics which create durable setters, trays and lab furnaces for sintering up 1700C.


Why Choose Us ?

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Zircar Zirconia’s extensive design and ceramic engineering capabilities include :

  • Manufacturing ceramic fibres
  • Manufacturing ceramic textiles
  • Vacuum forming ceramic fiber boards, discs and cylinders
  • Ceramic Balls, Ceramic & Plastic and Metal Random Packing, Structured Packing
  • Custom 3D machining ceramic fibre boards, discs & cylinders
  • Custom assembly of ceramic fibre boards, discs and cylinders
  • Complete confidentiality with or without an NDA
  • Molecular Sieve Materials, Activated Alumina,Honeycomb Monolith
  • Electric furnace construction, design and repair
  • Thermocouple manufacture and repair
  • Heat transfer calculations
  • Auto CAD drawings
  • Rapid CNC prototyping