Bonding, Repairing, Coating or Strengthening

Cements, Rigidizers And Powder



ZR-CEM Zirconia Cement

High temperature bonding for porous zirconia insulation. Bond ZYFB boards and cylinders into larger assemblies, or ZYF and ZY textiles into any shape required.


Formulated for the surface hardening of all zirconia fiber products and for use in the fabrication of zirconia composites from Zircar Zirconia’s textiles.


ZYP Zirconia Powder

ZYP is an ultrafine powder used as filtration media, thermal barrier coating, and a polishing aid.


Buster Alumina Cement

High temperature bonding for porous Buster A and Buster M alumina insulation. Bond Buster boards into larger assemblies or form material patches with Buster F.


Colloidal alumina is applied to harden surfaces of fibrous ceramics to stiffen high temperature ceramics.


A suspension of fine ceria particles in a cerium acetate solution.