Ceramic Textiles

Cloths, Felts, & Fibers – Pre-fired, Organic-free, non-RCF felts and woven cloths in standard and custom chemistries.

Rigid Materials

We vacuum form machinable boards and cylinders for applications up to 2200 Celsius in alumina and zirconia chemistries.

Lab Furnaces

We manufacture the highest quality ceramics which create durable setters, trays and lab furnaces for sintering up 1700C.

Molecular Sieve Materials 

The highest quality molecular Sieve Materials  for different apllications.

Plastic Tri-packs

Random Plastic Packing

The highest quality Plastic Packings for different apllications.

Metal Super Raschig

Random Metal Packing

The highest quality Metal Packings for different apllications.

Metal Structured Packings

Structured Packing

The highest quality Structured Packings for different apllications.


Honeycomb Monolith

Aim-Ceramic Honeycomb is a magnesium alumina silicate material, which has very low linear expansion, good thermal shock properties, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and porosity criteria.

Cements, Rigidizers, and Powders

Useful for bonding, repairing, coating or strengthening ceramic fiber boards and textiles. Powders are used in thermal spray applications and filtration.

Ceramic Ball

The highest quality Ceramic Balls  for different apllications.

Ceramic Intalox Saddle

Random Ceramic Packing

The highest quality Ceramic Packings for different apllications.

Custom Machined Thermal Insulation

Accepts customer drawings or will work with you to develop a professionally drafted drawing of your part.

90 high Alumina Ball

Activated Alumina

AIM-Activated Alumina with its large specific surface area provides numerous micro-paths.


Alumina Setter Plate, Zirconia Setter Plates and Trays, Reticulated alumina foam and Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Tape Cast.